Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photo Prep Tip

Here's a little tip to get rid of lint or cat hair or whatever off of your background when setting up to take photos. I like to use dark backgrounds and they show everything! It doesn't help that I have a cat that thinks that the desk I've set up as my "studio" is the perfect spot for a nap.... Just take masking tape and hold a little piece between your first two fingers and wrap it around your hand a couple of times with the sticky part to the outside. Don't wrap too tightly! That way you can release the part between your fingers and it'll roll as you brush across the fabric. Or you can just pat the fabric and when one side gets to where it's not picking anything up, just slide it around on your hand and use the other side. I go through a lot of tape but it sure beats trying to edit out a spot of fuzz or that darn cat's hair. This works great on your dark clothes also!
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