Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Crafting Supplies on the Cheap

Like most crafters, I like to find the least expensive (cheap!) way to support my habit. It gets pretty costly, as you all know, to feed the itch to "create". One way I help keep the cost down is to look for supplies in places that aren't commonly known for having crafting supplies. One of those just happens to be the fishing aisle at a certain discount store.

The other day I was wanting to make some braided necklaces and the only cording I had was either too thin or way too thick. So off I went to WallyWorld, thinking I could find some black twine in their hardwares section. I was having trouble finding where their rope was, go figure!, it's never the same place twice! So I found an actual employee (woo hoo!) and asked if she knew where they had twine. She happened to be the person that worked the sporting goods section and took me right to a display set up for catfishing. I was only wanting black cord to begin with but once I saw the pink and yellow, well, they'll go together soooo well! Plus the ball of neutral color will work well for another project I've had in mind.

The rolls of colored twine are 260 ft. of #18 twisted nylon and the ball of neutral is 180 ft. of #48 cotton/polyester. All of them were $1.97 each! Pretty good price, I thought. While I mostly use hemp cord because I like the natural aspect of it, a roll of it similar to the ball of cotton/polyester is close to $5.00. Besides, I really think the neon colors are so cool! But that may just be the retro coming out in me....
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